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Upper Lip Hair Removal – Top Tips

Its a touchy subject, I know it happens, you know it happens, but how do we approach that pesky fur that annoyingly appears above our lip! Well, stay with me and we’ll go through a few of my favourite, and most successful methods! For some its an

Does IPL Work?

Here’s the big question.. Does IPL work!? Intense pulsed light hair removal can be of great help in the battle against hair removal, in a permanent way. IPL is the technology that is used by most of the beauty studios and the medical practitioners for performing various

What’s the Best Women’s Razor?

Shaving is an essential part of looking after our body’s – a smooth, attractive, healthy body can do wonders for our confidence, healthy body = healthy mind. It’s important, so I imagine you want the best quality possible, why wouldnt you? So, it’s common sense to not jump in

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you want to prevent ingrown hair’s, you’re in the right place! In medical terms, ingrown hair’s are known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. They can be so painful and look terrible, therefore, it is so important you look for ways to prevent and get rid of them. When shaved hair

Best Tips for Shaving Legs!

Shaving your legs is critical, such an important part of our beauty and as a woman, we need to ensure a safe, quality shave. We’ve got the tips below for you – Also, take a look at our Best Razor’s list. Your skin must be soft before

Review of Veet Hair Removal Cream

One of the most intriguing things about Veet’s selection of hair removal creams is curiosity. Can a cream really be as effective as epilators, waxing kits and visits to professional salons? Well, as every product in the world, they have plus points and negative points. They do

What’s the Best Technique for Epilating?

Let’s cut to the chase, epilating isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to hair removal and it certainly isn’t the most comfortable, but, it is very effective and something you do get used to! (I promise!) It’s something every woman needs to try, you need to grit your teeth

Review of Rio Total Body Waxing Kit

One of the best ways to get rid of excess hair is through waxing. This is a form of semi-permanent hair removal, which uproots the hair from the root. It will take about six weeks for new hair to grow but the duration may vary depending on

Review of Philips Lumea Precision Plus

The Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2003/11 is one of the best hair removal solutions on the market today. Once only possible paying thousands of pounds in a professional salon or spa, the technology is now readily available to use at home – the advanced Intense Pulsed Light