Guide: How to Wax Your Eyebrows.

When doing a makeover, you should not forget to wax your eyebrows. Unlike plucking or tweezing, waxing eyebrows is an easy way to shape your brows and flaunt your special features. Salons often offer eyebrow waxing services but some of them can be really expensive. In truth, you can achieve a posh and classy result just by doing it on your own. When done right, the outcome can be long-lasting and stunning.

At first sculpting your own eyebrows can be intimidating, especially if you are a first-timer. Experts have laid down certain steps and recommendation which you can follow to properly wax your eyebrows at home.

  • Get ready. Prepare all the needed stuff before starting to wax your eyebrows. You don’t want to rush over things while in the middle of the waxing process. Your home waxing kit should include hand sanitizer or any disinfectant, clean damp cloth, aloe-based cream, facial cleanser, brow brush, hair cap, wax strips, wax, small spatula, tweezers, petroleum jelly, and a pain reliever. If it is your first time you can add an over the counter anesthetic or ice pack to numb your eyebrows.
  • Refresh. Take a shower and refresh yourself or you can simply clean your face with a toner. This keeps you less prone from possible bacterial infection that can occur anytime. After cleansing, you can take the anesthetic and rest for a couple of minutes for it to effect. Another option is to use cold compress to numb your eyebrows.
  • Get in order. Tie or pin-back your hair so you can see your eyebrows clearly. You also don’t want your hair to mess up with the process. If your hair is shorter, you can use a hair cap to keep it away from the waxing area.
  • Disinfect. When you are ready, sanitize your hands and brush your eyebrows upwards so they can easily be pulled off.
  • Shape and design. Apply the petroleum jelly on the hair that you do not want to remove. Take this chance to shape and design your eyebrow the way you want it to be. You can give it an extra lift or arch to achieve a perfect curve. If your strips are bigger and wider, you can spread the petroleum jelly in your nasion and glabella.
  • Wax on! Gently and evenly apply the wax on the unwanted hair. Follow the direction of the hair growth when applying.
  • Cover with strip. If your wax strip is too big, you may trim it according to your needs. Apply the strip in the direction of your hair growth, leaving an extra space at the end for pulling. Press it lightly and smoothly to make sure that the hair has attached to the wax. Do this a couple of times until the wax slightly cools.
  • Wax off. Grab the end of the wax strip and pull it off swiftly while holding your skin taut in one hand. The pulling should be done in the opposite direction all the way to the other side. You will feel a little bit of pain but you may use the damp cloth to lightly press it on the aching part. You can repeat step 6-8 should it deemed necessary.
  • Clean and soothe. Using the damp cloth, remove the wax residue. You can also apply petroleum jelly to make it smoother. After such, apply the aloe-based cream on the waxed area to relieve its warming sensation. If aching is too much, you can take the pain reliever. You may tweeze the missed hair later when the pain abates.

Waxing your own eyebrows can be a pleasant experience when you follow the right directions. Now that you have your eyebrows in shape, you will be more confident in bringing out the best in you.

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