Veet Hair Removal Cream Review

One of the most intriguing things about Veet’s selection of hair removal creams is curiosity. Can a cream really be as effective as epilators, waxing kits and visits to professional salons?

Well, as every product in the world, they have plus points and negative points.

They do get results, let me get that out there straight away. They remove the hair, it’s really quick and easy but does leave a bit of a mess. There are two negatives though, one major, one not so much but it makes for an uncomfortable time. Veet cream doesn’t cut the hair like an epilator or razor, it dissolves the hair down to the root, because of this the hair is now could re-grow underneath the skin, potentially leading to un-wanted ingrown hairs. The other not so major drawback, lets call it an irritant, is the smell. It’s not great, and that’s putting it politely. It’s not a deal breaker but is certainly enough of an issue to consider another option to hair removal, if you’re using veet, you’ll be doing it a bit more regularly.

On the Upside

Veet creams are cost efficient, they are the cheapest hair removal products on the market and that definitely makes them worth a go, if used correctly. The speed in which you can slap the cream on, leave it for 3 minutes and then gradually scrape it off is ridiculusly quick and easy, as I said above, they’re one of the most popular solutions for a reason. The hair also grows back a lot softer than it was, so even if you have got a little bit of stubble there, it wont be razor sharp! The more you use it, the softer to touch it will be.

Have a look at some specific Veet cream reviews below.

Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Targeting sensitive skin the Veet Aloe Vera Hair Removal Cream is one of, if not the most popular choice when it comes to hair removal creams. Simply, for those of you with sensitive skin, leave on for 5 minutes, gently scrape off, rinse thoroughly and you’ve got sexy smooth legs.

Some of you may have been unfortunate to have bad reactions from certain creams, but not this one. With the Aloe Vera & Vitamin E in the cream, it really is soothing, which is ideal when targeting our legs!

Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Every product comes in a spray nowadays and Veet is no different! Also, for sensitive skin the spray on acts very much the same way to the removal cream.

The huge positive with the spray is for those of you that hate shaving, it’s so, so easy to spray on and you eliminate the risk of missing a little spot, you don’t really have to do anything! Spray your legs, wait 5 minutes and scrape off. So simple, so effective.

Veet Suprem’Essence Hair Removal Cream with Velvet Rose & Essential Oils

Although not as popular as it sister products, the Veet Suprem’Essence is also up there. They are all essentially the same system, but with added essential oils and a fantastic smell when compared to the other products, this cream definitely makes it onto the list.

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