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Braun Silk-expert IPL BD5009 Review

A lot of people are now leaning towards the use of IPL treatments at the comfort of their home. Aside from that they are cheaper than professionally rendered IPL treatments, you also get more control in the results you want. One of your best and most effective

Does IPL Work?

Here’s the big question.. Does IPL work!? Intense pulsed light hair removal can be of great help in the battle against hair removal, in a permanent way. IPL is the technology that is used by most of the beauty studios and the medical practitioners for performing various

Review of Philips Lumea Precision Plus

The Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2003/11 is one of the best hair removal solutions on the market today. Once only possible paying thousands of pounds in a professional salon or spa, the technology is now readily available to use at home – the advanced Intense Pulsed Light