Does IPL Work?

Here’s the big question.. Does IPL work!?

Intense pulsed light hair removal can be of great help in the battle against hair removal, in a permanent way.

IPL is the technology that is used by most of the beauty studios and the medical practitioners for performing various skin treatments that include hair removal and also photo rejuvenation. This technology makes use of a light source with broad spectrum that has got spectral range between 515 – 1200 nm. The various cut-off filters can be commonly used for filtering out lower frequencies and also make the spectrum to get narrowed in to the chromophores and also any other targeted shapes. The broad spectrum of IPL makes them unique compared to the lasers and there is possibility for making the light spectrum get targeted to various chromophores in skin by filtering the source of light. The laser treatment makes use of light that is generated from laser and is monochromatic in nature. There are various regulations that exist with laser and also IPL hair removal which may vary with the various states. There are two techniques that are available with the IPL that are confused. The distinction associated with the method in which the machines for medical grade and beauty grade. These distinctions are made for getting around the regulations associated with these techniques.

Permanent and Efficient Hair Removal!?

The effectiveness of the hair removal is found to be something approximately 60 percentages for 12 weeks, 75 percentages for one year and 60 percentages for 2 years. There are chances for the effect of the IPL method to be something that of 60 percentage in some of the patients. The effect can vary on the patients depending up on the sensitivity of their skin. Make sure that you choose the method for effectively removing hair. There are many studies conducted in the effectiveness of the IPL method for hair removal. There are so many good effects with the treatment and it much easier treatment that is capable of providing permanent removal of hair in certain patients. According to the studies that are conducted on the effects and performance of this IPL hair removal, it’s found that most of the individuals who have used this treatment have got better effects on them.

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Usage of IPL Hair Removallumeaprecision

There are various methods that are available for removing hair that are unwanted in your body. Shaving, waxing, plucking and laser treatments are certain methods that can be made used for removing hair. When you are removing hair through some temporary methods there are chances for your hair follicles to stay intact so that the hair growth can be made stronger and in stimulated way. The other treatments like waxing, shaving etc takes care of the hair only and the ones that can the IPL can be available for the removal of hair in permanent manner. There is possibility for the hair follicle to be destroyed by the IPL treatment which can make it possible for removing hair permanently which is something that of greater use for the individuals. The IPL treatment can make it possible for removing hair in better way permanently.

How does IPL work though?

IPL is the form of light energy that is applied for certain parts of body so that the target part which can be either the hair or the blood vessels can absorb energy and get destroyed. The machine that is made used for IPL treatment produces burst of the light hat can be applied to skin by making use of hand piece. Light energy is transmitted to skin through hand piece. There is a cooling gel available for cooling the skin after and before the treatment is done on the skin. For destroying hair follicles, the hair should be treated using IPL to such an extent that the skin does not get damaged. This can be achieved easily by using 5 or about 6 light pulses in cool succession. The light pulses can make the skin get heated up which should be gain cooled down by making using the cooling gel. The skin can get cooled faster compared to hair follicles so that IPL pulses can destroy hair follicles and also can keep skin intact.

Is IPL different from laser treatment?

In the case of other hair removal methods that include the laser method which can make use of only a light that of single wavelength of concentration. In the case of IPL lasers the experts make use of light wavelengths that are of full spectrum. When IPL is used there are chances for making use of it with less precision and control which can lead to many hazards like burns and also side effects if it is misused. IPL treatments are usually less expensive than laser treatments, so you might want to try that first and also see what type of results you get.The major reason for the popularity of the IPL treatment is due to the lower costs of it. IPL treatments are much cheaper compared to any other methods for permanent hair removals. There is also possibility for using the treatment for the hair removal of various skin portions that are larger like back and legs. There is possibility for removing hair from such larger areas in just a smaller fraction of time that is needed by standard lasers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As like any product, medicine or any treatment there are both the positive and also negative sides of the permanent – hair removal. There is possibility for achieving permanent removal of hair by making use of IPL treatment. This is the method that is highly economical compared to laser hair – removal. IPL and laser treatments both can have many harmful effects when they are used by the bad manner. There is possibility for hair not to be removed completely because some of them may be narrow, light and also may be going through the reproductive phase. Treatment may not painless completely.

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