How to Shave Your Pubic Area for Women!

Did you know, getting rid of pubic hair dates all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt where prostitutes were known to shave which would identify their profession and as a means of maintaining high hygiene standards – I kid you not. Now, at least I have your attention!!

Currently though, us women have loads of valid reasons for shaving our pubic hair; it is the norm rather than the exception. There are a few methods you can use to shave your pubic area, epilators, waxing and traditional shaving – Stick with us for the journey on how to shave your pubic area!

An epilator removes hair at least ¼ (quarter) inch long from areas many people will either have trouble reaching or keeping clear which is for most of us, the pubic area. First and foremost it is recommended that you test your epilator on a non sensitive part of your body where there is thick hair and set the machine to a relatively high speed so as to get used to the tingly sensation. If your pubic hair is longer than ¼ inch, go ahead and trim it first using a comb and a pair of scissors. An epilator works best with relatively short hair. Once this is done, take a warm bath, this opens up skin pores then dry your skin thoroughly; don’t use any lotions or creams before using an epilator and never use it on damp skin.

Set the epilator at its lowest speed; hold it at 90 degrees and using your other hand stretch the skin of your pubic area to allow the machine to pull out your hairs easily. Make sure you are shaving opposite to the direction of your hair growth, and then slowly move the head of the machine over the skin without applying too much pressure. You can increase the speed as you get used to the sensations. Make sure you tone the pubic area using a toner or a mixture of white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:3; this encourages the reddened pores to close up and heal. After a few days, it’s very important that you exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells using a body scrub or a loofah sponge.

If you revert to waxing to shave your pubic area, get ready for some pain but in return you are assured of a very clear and smooth pubic area! Make sure your pubic hair is at least ¼ inch long, anything longer and the pain can be unbearable anything shorter and the wax will not grab the hair properly. Don’t shave a few weeks before waxing. Wash and dry your pubic area thoroughly, apply some numbing gel or cream to alleviate the pain. Over the counter pills may also come in handy – don’t let that scare you though!

Apply wax to small areas of your pubic section so as to keep the pain manageable. Make sure the wax is warm enough as you apply it; smooth a cloth strip onto the wax immediately you apply it. Wait for several seconds then pull off the cloth and wax in the opposite direction your hair is growing; each pull should be pulling off the hair. If this is not the case then pull in the opposite direction.

To remove the old wax from your skin, apply new wax, smooth over with a cloth and then pull off with the strip. Go through the process until your pubic area is in the desired shape or condition, if there are stray hairs; just use a pair of tweezers to pull them off, you’ve suffered enough! Once you are through, use an alcohol free astringent, use only mild lotions and soaps. Repeat the process after three to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows; it must be at least ¼ inch long.

If you can’t handle the tingling of an epilator or the pain of waxing.. Traditional shaving is an option.

For traditional shaving, trim your hair using a sharp pair of scissors if it’s too long, stand over a towel as you do this. Once this is done, sit in a bathtub or get in a warm bath and let your skin soak in warm water for at least 5 minutes which will moisten your skin, if your pubic hair is coarse, use a mild hair conditioner to soften it.

Rub some generous amounts of shaving gel or cream onto your pubic area and using a new and sharp razor, shave in the direction in which your hair grows, make a point of rinsing your razor quite often so as to remove the shaved hair and make your strokes effective. Avoid using scented gels as they may irritate your skin. Using dull razors will most likely lead to instances of razor burns and ingrown hairs or stubble.

Once you are through with shaving, rinse your skin thoroughly in warm water. You can apply some aloe Vera or baby cream to your pubic area to soothe it. To keep your pubic area smooth, you may be required to shave quite frequently. It is also likely that you will experience some itching; this usually eases off pretty fast.

Hopefully, that little guide comes in useful to you! I recommend experimenting with all the techniques above and find what works for you, don’t take your best friends word for it!

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