Benefits of Using an Epilator

Epilators are effective and handy electrical devices that remove any unwanted hair right from the root. However, due to the pain associated with epilators, a great number of people avoid these devices and prefer less effective hair removal methods. While it’s true that epilators can be slightly painful, especially during the first few uses, the enormous benefits you stand to gain from these hair removal devices far outweigh any amount of pain you’ll experience. Let’s take look at the benefits of using an epilator.

Removes Even the Tiniest of Hairs

An epilator offers you the benefit of removing hair as short as 0.5mm in length. This is a huge advantage over other hair removal methods such as waxing, where you have to wait for hair to grow to a certain length before being able to wax. Therefore, if you’re tired of waiting for unwanted hair to grow out evenly or to a certain length before shaving or waxing, you may want to consider using epilators. With epilating, you can get rid of unwanted hair at any time you wish and therefore enjoyiStock_000019858846XSmall smooth silky skin throughout the year.

Provides Long-lasting Results

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, no other hair removal method beats the long-lasting results offered by epilators. Since the process of epilation plucks hair from the roots, this causes hair to take longer to grow back. As a result, one session of epilating leaves you smooth and hair-free for up to 4 weeks or longer. This is unlike the case of shaving where hair grows back after a few days, or waxing where stubbles can occur several days after you wax. What’s more, skin continues to be smooth with epilation even after hair grows back. What causes this are the softer and finer follicles that occur as a result of epilating.

Can Be Used on Any part Of the Body

Epilators can be used on the arms, legs, underarms, chest, and even the bikini area. And the best thing is that you don’t have to buy several epilators for the different body parts mentioned. The latest models come with several attachments each of which is designed to give superior results for different body parts.

Helps You Save Money

With shaving, you’ll have to invest in a shaving gel or cream as well as a razor or shaver, which you’ll also need to replace every so often. On the other hand, waxing requires the purchase of a wax kit complete with all the necessities of waxing. With those inconveniences in mind, epilation is truly the way to go as it only requires a one-time investment which will last you for several years. In fact, epilation is the cheapest hair removal option as the average lifespan of an epilator device is around 5 to 6 years.

Epilation Is Fast

Generally, epilation is a fast process that only takes a few minutes. This is because epilators yank out several hairs at a go and even if you’re a first time user, you’ll be able to epilate very quickly.

Offers Convenience

One of the best benefits epilators offers you is convenience. With these devices, you can epilate in the comfort of your home anytime of the day or night. This benefit can come in handy when you have to travel for several days for vacation or business purposes. Instead of looking for a salon in an unfamiliar area, and probably ending up paying a lot of money, you can simply carry your epilator and epilate at your rental accommodation.

It Gets Better Every Time

Do you steer clear of epilators because you have a low threshold for pain? Well, the good news is that the pain becomes lesser with every epilation session. The first few times may be quite painful. However, the skin will soon get used to the epilating feeling and you’ll eventually feel little to no pain at all. Additionally, pain reduces drastically with time because continued epilation results in lesser hair growth. And, the lesser the hair, the less painful the epilation will be.

It’s Great For People with Sensitive Skin

Epilation is ideal for everyone including people who have skin that is as sensitive as that of a baby. This is because epilators do not pull the skin when removing hair. Therefore, epilation results in minimal effects on the skin. Additionally, people new to epilation or individuals with sensitive skin can protect their skin by using epilators that are designed to be used in the bath.

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