Does Hair Removal Cream Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

does hair removal cream make hair grow back thicker

Hair that grows back thicker because of using hair removal cream is a beauty myth. In fact, the opposite is true since many women report finer hair growth after repeated use of hair removal cream.

Hair Removal Myth

If using hair removal cream does not make your hair grow back thicker, which methods do? Technically, none of the hair removal methods make your hair grow back thicker.

So, why is it a commonly said that shaving and chemical depilatories make your unwanted hair grow back thicker?

Everyone’s hair growth is different and this has a lot of influence on how your hair grows back after hair removal. However, in most cases, repeated use of a conventional hair removal method actually makes your hair grow back finer and in some cases reduces hair growth.

What may make hair appear thicker is the edge. Hair removal methods that cut the hair rather than remove the hair follicle gives it a blunt cut and as it grows this may seem like thicker hair.

This cutting of hair is why stubble feels sharper than longer hairs. And as you know, once the stubble grows out and your hair is longer, it feels like your regular growth, again.

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Since there is no cutting of the hair when using hair removal creams, there is also less chance of a blunt cut. However, these chemical depilatories do not remove the hair follicle so you will get a stubble sooner than with methods like waxing or epilation (which is probably where the myth comes from).

What some women do experience when using hair removal creams is ingrown hairs which feel rougher than regular hair growth. Ingrown hairs are usually hairs with a sharp edge that curl and grow back into your skin creating a bump.

Fortunately, this is preventable. As with many types of hair removal methods, exfoliating your skin before the treatment helps with preventing ingrown hairs.

Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells. This does two things that make the hair removal more successful.

The first is that the hair removal cream gets closer to the hair follicle when the dead skin cells are removed. It is easier for the solution to seep into your skin and so should make it more effective.

The second effect comes after you have done the treatment. With fewer dead skin cells it is also less likely for ingrown hairs to occur. So, you will end up with smoother hair growth.

Exfoliate your skin about 2 days before using a hair removal cream because it is important for your skin to rest after exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin too close to the hair removal makes your skin more sensitive and so more prone to bad reactions to chemicals in the depilatory.

To conclude, hair removal cream does not make your hair grow back thicker and repeated use may make your hair finer. Some experience ingrown hairs but this is preventable.

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